About Me

I have been a tour guide in Indonesia since 1998, and now have over 15 years experience guiding visitors through the jungles of Sumatra. I aim to create an unforgettable experience for my visitors while aiming to protect the lives of all the creatures here in Bukit Lawang.

My tours are a way to raise awareness about the importance of Sumatra’s ecosystems. The Orangutan lives here and we want the Orangutan to stay here which is why we promote the use of responsible tourism.

Today I power an operation of 15 staff, with reliable experience, that have successfully handled independent jungle trekking and looked after visitors from countries all over the world. My team are dedicated and wellexperienced in guiding tourists through the jungle, while providing tailor made tours that can be arranged according to the needs of the individual. 


Meet your guides

TAMAM, over 18 years experience guiding visitors through the jungle



SURYA, over 18 years experience guiding visitors through the jungle



CEMEL, over 14 years of experience guiding trips in the jungle



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