Adopt A Tree

Bukit Lawang (One People One Tree)

People need nature to thrive. It’s true for everyone.
Including you.
Every meal you’ve ever eaten …
every breath you’ve ever taken …
every job you’ve ever had …
everything you’ve ever owned …
Nature made it all possible.

Tree Planting

No matter where you live, forests make your life possible. When a forest is lost anywhere, people feel it everywhere. Planting trees are a wonderful way to commemorate special events, give a gift, or honour the memory of a loved one. Trees provide a host of benefits whether they are planted in your own back yard or across the globe. Trees can, like sponges, help sequester carbon and thereby reduce the impact of man made CO2 emissions. Locally, trees provide habitat for wildlife, food for people and animals, and stabilise the soil. A gift of a tree lasts for generations.
Working in conjunction with our Sumatra partners,
(Selang Pangeran,Timbang Lawan,Bukit Lawang-Bohorok North Sumatra Indonesia) we are offering the opportunity to support the planting and maintenance of trees in Sumatra through an Adopt-a-Tree Program.
Planting trees to contribute towards the reforestation of land adjacent to Orangutan habitat.
You can help us support the tree planting activities being carried out by the local communities .
You can choose how many trees to plant and the recipient of the tree-planting certificate.
Your trees will be planted in Selang Pangeran Timbang Lawan,Bukit Lawang-Bohorok /near Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra.

Let's plant trees!

Contacting from overseas call this number +62 813 9712 5596 And if in Indonesia call 0813 9712 5596.
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