Jungle Lodge

Bukit Lawang Jungle Lodge

Bukit Lawang Jungle Lodge about 2 kilometres from Bukit Lawang Bus Station (Gotong Royong). We are located away from the tourist crowds and close to the Gunung Leuser National Park where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

We have a very clean river that you can swim in with water running water from the mountains into the Bohorok River. Every morning you will hear the beautiful voice melodies from birds, monkeys, and other wildlife.

Here you can see the activities of local communities, see the amazing environment, and if you like you can help our english teacher volunteers and do some tree planting as well.

PRICE: 150,000 – 200,000 rupiah / night (depending on room type)





We offer pick up from KNO airport in Medan or your hotel. We drive you the 3 hours to Bukit Lawang, passing through several small towns, stopping at rubber, oil palm and cocoa plantations with a rustic atmosphere. Get a chance to meet local villages and see the Sumatran way of life. Cost of airport pick up is Rp 600,000 per car and you can share between 4 people.


If you want to make your own way to Bukit Lawang here are the directions – Take the public bus (ALS) from Medan airport to Binjai (40,000 IRP, 2 hours) Take the small yellow bus from Binjai to Tanah Lapang (10,000 IRP, 20 mins) Take the public bus from Tanah Lapang to Bukit Lawang (30,000, 2 hours) Beware of a scam – When the ALS drops you at Binjai some local men will come up to you asking you to get in a bus to Bukit Lawang. They will try to charge you 200,000-400,000 IRP. Just tell them you know where you are going and you will take the yellow public bus. Strangely there is no scam leaving Bukit Lawang, only on the way there.


If you want a more comfortable journey around Sumatra Indonesia the best way is to take a private car. Our cars are fully air-conditioned and we have good responsible drivers. (Prices are per car)


  • Medan Airport KNO to Bukit Lawang : Rp 600,000
  • Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan (off road) : Rp 700,000
  • Bukit Lawang to Lake Toba : Rp 1,400,000 via Tongging (Waterfall Sipiso-Piso)
  • Bukit Lawang to Lake Toba : Rp 1,200,000 via Pematang Siantar.
  • Bukit Lawang to Berastagi : Rp 900,000

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